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One of the most common mistakes potential home and business owners make is accepting that the window and door sizes on their window and door schedules or building plans will be 100% correct by whoever does the building. This is usually not the case. Most Glass & Aluminium companies quote on standard size windows that they buy outright from the suppliers. JayCee Glass is one of few aluminium suppliers in Pretoria that manufactures a variety of aluminium products, we don’t just supply standard sizes. Therefore we measure the opening, and if the sizes of the windows or doors that we quoted on is not much different from what we originally quoted on, we will keep to our original quote. What you have is tailor-made frames that fits perfectly.

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Our Specialities:

Aluminium: We manufacture our own window frames & doors, supply and install aluminium sliding-, pivot- folding doors, sub frames, top hung doors as well as showers. Glazing: Glazing to steel, aluminium and wooden frames (National Building Regulations are strictly followed). Glass Trade: We supply glass and mirrors to the public according to specifications. Sky Lights: Our service also includes the manufacturing and installation of Sky Lights
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