Our Terms and Conditions

All prices are subject to final measurements.
Additional work will be quoted and invoiced separately.
All changes or additions to the quote or project have to be requested in writing.

Upon acceptance of the quotation, please send Proof of Payment (quote number as reference), signed quotation document and a copy of your ID to accounts@jayceeglass.co.za.

Lead times will not be applicable unless the above mentioned has been received.

By making a payment towards this quotation, you accept and agree to the full terms and conditions as set out by Jaycee Glass and Aluminium as well as the items quoted on (aluminium colour, glass type, design etc.)

Terms and Conditions of Trade
1.0 Payment Agreement:
1.1 50% deposit upon acceptance of order
1.2 40% upon delivery and installation of first items.
1.3 10% on completion day
1.4 The quote may change at any time without prior notice and is subject to the
standard Jaycee Glass & Aluminium Terms And Conditions.
1.5 The quote will only be valid once a deposit of 50% is paid and all required
documentation is received.
1.6 An interest of 16.5% will be charged on all accounts with amounts overdue
for more than 10 days.
1.7 No retention to be held back.
1.8 Snagging will only be done within a 3-month period after installation.
1.9 No Glazing Certificate will be issued until full payment is received.
1.10 All products manufactured and installed by Jaycee Glass & Aluminium will remain the property of Jaycee Glass & Aluminium until full payment is received. Jaycee Glass & Aluminium reserves the right to remove any and all items manufactured and installed should full payment not be received.
1.11 We do not accept credit/debit cards.
1.12 We do accept SnapScan.
1.13 This quote is subject to the standard terms and conditions of trade.

2.0 Quote:
2.1 This quote includes: Material, labour*,glass and aluminium installation*, external silicon* and VAT (*Refer to details on quote), standard hardware (i.e. handles and hinges) unless stated differently.
2.2 This quote includes: Everything needed for the complete installation of items stated on the quote with no hidden costs.
2.2.1 External sealants for aluminium frames where the masonry is not/ will not be plastered will come at an additional cost for the client’s account.
2.3 Final measurements are to be taken by an employee of Jaycee Glass & Aluminium.
2.4 Should a client insist on providing their own measurements, said client will be required to do so in writing and take full responsibility for any additional costs added to their account should the clients measurements be inaccurate.

2.5 Supply and Delivery only quotes exclude the taking of final measurements. The client will be responsible to provide JAYCEE GLASS & Aluminium with the required measurements in writing or pay the minimum outgoing fee for measurements to be taken.
2.6 The client is responsible to provide the following information to ensure an accurate quote:
2.6.1 Building plans and window schedule
2.6.2 Physical address
2.6.3 Glazing specification
2.6.4 Aluminium finish (colour)
2.6.5 Aluminium section specification
2.6.6 Wind Load
2.6.7 U-Value
2.6.8 New Building/Renovation?
2.6.9 Plastered/Facebrick?
2.7 Default values and standard colours will be used should the above not be provided.
2.8 The client accepts and acknowledges the colour of the aluminium and glass specified upon acceptance of the quotation. The client accepts the quote upon making payment, whether the document is singed or not.
2.9 All JAYCEE GLASS & Aluminium products will comply with the standards set by SAGGA and AAAMSA.
2.10 The client is responsible for the breaking down of walls and the removal of existing windows (unless stated differently on quote).
2.11 Jaycee Glass & Aluminium will not take responsibility for any demolition, building or plaster-work (unless stated differently on quote).
2.12 All construction work is for the clients account.
2.13 This quote excludes the cleaning of product.
2.14 This quote excludes any entrance fees required to enter a site. This will be for the clients account.
2.15 This quote excludes any wrapping of windows; this will come at an additional cost. (unless stated differently on quote)
2.16 This quote excludes any structural steel and/or supports that may be required. (unless stated differently on quote)
2.17 This quote excludes any equipment (i.e scaffolding, cherry picker) that may be required to install our products at excessive heights, this will come at an additional cost (unless stated differently)
2.18 This quote excludes any electrical work. (unless stated differently on quote)
2.19 JAYCEE GLASS & ALUMINIUM will not be held liable for any loss or damage of/to any products, tiles, plaster work, plumbing, paving, plants and grass.
2.20 We require you to check that the quotation has been done accurately as any alterations or changes to this quotation may lead to additional costs.
2.21 Please ensure that the opening direction of all sliding-, sliding folding- and hinge doors are correct, as a change in direction will come at an additional cost that will be for the clients account.
2.22 Jaycee Glass & Aluminium will not take responsibility when a client insists on a door opening direction (inward) that will cause water leakage.

3. Lead Times

3.1 Lead times will only be applicable when:
3.2 50% deposit (Proof of Payment), signed quotation with terms and conditions and a copy of the clients ID document is received.
3.3 Final measurements have been taken.
3.4 Lead times range from 15 – 20 working days to the day of which installation will commence, from the day of which payment is received and final measurements confirmed.
3.5 Installation will only commence after the 40% payment has been received. Lead times will be extended should the client not adhere to the Payment Agreement.
3.6 Lead times exclude the time for contracts that include special powder coated aluminium, double-glazing, special and toughened safety glass.
3.7 Lead times do not include the time acquired to complete the installation. By accepting the quotation (paying a deposit) you accept and agree to the full terms and conditions as set out by Jaycee Glass & Aluminium, (whether the quotation has been signed or not) as well as the items quoted on (aluminium colour, glass type, design etc.)

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We encourage clients to provide a window schedule/ drawings or approximate measurement of what they require, if at all possible, this speeds up the quoting process. Final measurements wil be taken by Jaycee upon acceptance of the quotation. Major changes to the quote due to a difference in measurements will be discussed with the client prior to manufacturing.

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Our installation department is fully booked for the rest of 2020. 

We are still able to quote but any installations will only be booked from January 2021.

We do apologise for any inconvenience caused.